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Welcome to Year 5

Things you need to know about Year 5:

Teacher : Miss Jones       TA: Miss Halton

Presentation and attendance

The way we present ourselves, our work and our ideas is really important to us in Year 5. Please make sure your child’s uniform (as well as the child themselves!) is correct, clean, neat and tidy…that goes for their shoes too! If your child does need to wear trainers to school they will need prior permission from Mrs. Newman.

Attendance can be so fundamental to your child enjoying their school and social life, so please encourage a punctual and positive attitude in your child each day. So much goes on in every school day – missing just one can have a real effect on learning over time.


This year, Homework will take a variety of forms. The single most absolute and non-negotiable daily homework task, as issued on your child’s homework mat, is reading book time (please ensure an adult signs off the reading record each school day + at least once at the weekend).

Reading – a reminder…

Your child must have a reading book and their reading log with them every day at school. We don’t expect to be chasing Year 5s on that front, so encourage your child to take responsibility for transporting the right things home and back to school each day. Please help your child to find time to read to you every night. Please comment in their record on how they read, focusing on correct decoding of words, expression and interpretation of the text, not just how many pages were read.

From half term onwards, spellings will be given out on a Monday and collected back in the following Monday. Year 5 are expected to manage completion of their spellings themselves as much as possible, with an adult signing their spelling sheet on the last day before it is due in for collection.

Multiplication and division table tasks will also be sent home when necessary, alongside reading tasks and mathematical challenges via our online learning platforms – iamlearning and bug club. We’re having some technical issues with these sites at the moment, but expect to have them up and running very soon.

PE Kit

Please make sure that your child has the correct PE kit in school every day (incase its needed to change into or we decide to do some impromptu PE) and that all items - and the bag they’re in - are clearly named.  

Our School PE kit consists of plain black shorts and an all white t-shirt (not football shirt), spare comfy socks and trainers. Your child can also bring extra items - dark coloured tracksuit bottoms and a top for use outside during Winter. No earrings are allowed for PE so the children must be able to take out and take care of their own jewellery.

Curriculum Themes

This term, we're transporting ourselves back to Greece, learning about the customs, lifestyle and interesting developments from this most famous of ancient civilisations.

We're also learning about the creation stories in RE, before studying miracles and the sacraments in more detail. Then it's time for honest and careful reflection during Advent.

For more info, please refer to your child's autumn term curriculum map, given to you on parents evening. If anyone has lost theirs, please let us know at the end of the day and we'll print another for you to have.

Thank you for such a warm and positive start to the new term here at Corpus Christi; it’s been a bright, bubbly and inspiring place to work in. Needless to say, the Year 5s are absolute diamonds to work with, albeit with a little bit of polishing here and there. :)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or queries regarding your child or their education this year. Our classroom door is always open to you. It’s best to call into the school office and arrange an appointment to see us though - as we can’t guarantee we'll actually be IN our classroom at all times or be available for a discussion.

If parents or grandparents have any skills, objects, expertise or time that you could offer linked to the curriculum, please let us know.

After all, making links between home, school and the wider world out there adds something special to a child’s learning.

Many thanks,

Miss Jones & Miss Halton

Corpus Christi
Catholic Primary School

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